Tourism Marketing

With tourism and travel destinations, you need to allow future tourists to picture themselves right there, enjoying all you have to offer. With aerial photography and video, we enable them to do just that. Our drones/ unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) offers a far cheaper and more accessible option than using helicopters or fixed wing aircraft – whilst offering the same stunning cinematography, allowing your tourist attraction to soar above the competition.

Our creative team will work closely with you, resort operators, tourist boards and local authorities, to devise the best shots. As a licensed, insured and experienced operator, you can be sure as well as creatively, your project will be completed both legally and safely.

Our state of the art UAV’s/ drones enable us to shot from locations and angles, not previously possible. Our professionally edited aerial video will give your tourism promotion the edge over the competition.

Whether you’re promoting an iconic building or landscape, a region, a hotel, golf course, or resort, a fun day or tourist attraction, even a run or marathon, contact us to find out how we can delight you.

If you need aerial shots on a limited budget, at a low altitude, have limited filming time available and need a quick turn around – our UAV aerial photography and video solution is exactly what you’re looking for. We use high resultion and high definition cameras, ensuring our production has a superb clarity and depth.

We can also offer real-time live streaming – perfect if those events with a large crowd who want to be up close to the action via a big screen.

If your tourism event needs to be shot at a higher altitude, with longer flight times, we’re also able to offer use of a fixed wing aircraft, perfect for these types of shoots.

Whether you want raw footage, or a finished broadcast-ready production, contact us to see how we can help with your project.

Our headquarters are on the Central Coast, New South Wales, but in addition to Sydney, Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, we can travel anywhere in Australia or worldwide to make sure your shoot is absolutely perfect.