Aerial Surveillance – Reconnaissance – Fire – SES

Using UAV/Drones for emergency aerial surveillance and reconnaissance is a great way to have ‘eyes on’ the things you need to see from the air. We can put a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)/drone into places that would be too dangerous for other assets. For larger areas, we can use a fixed wing aircraft, perfect for surveying above 1000ft.

For the State Emergency Services (SES), bush fire, storms or flooding, we can deploy at short notice. Our aircrafts transmit a HD video feed, live to the ground so you can see in real time what’s happening and take action.

SkyMedia is a licensed, insured and a trained UAV operator, using a state-of-the-art fleet, armed with the latest technology and sensors.

Our UAV’s  use GPS way points which enables a very precise positioning, allowing us to quickly re fly the same flight plan over and over. compare the situation in the same area, over a period of hours or days, perfect for use in a rapidly changing emergency situation. Our thermal imaging, HD video and high definition aerial photography will ensure you have accurate visibility of all key metrics.

By using our UAV’s you can keep your personnel away from danger, giving them far higher visibility than they could ever have on foot.

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