Bridge Inspections

Inspection of other civil infrastructure, such as bridges, is crucial to the safety of those using the structure and must be performed regularly. Regular testing has conventionally required industrial climbers, cranes, scaffolding and cherry pickers – a dangerous process with serious risks to the inspection personnel. SkyMedia Productions use UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicle – otherwise known as a drone) to conduct a bridge inspection that just can’t be rivaled by traditional inspection methods.

Our experienced, trained, licensed and insured team will fly around the bridge pillars, delivering high resolution video and photographs. We are able to navigate around pylons, beams, piers and truss members and provide HD video, even in poor light. Areas otherwise difficult to access, such as those high up, or far from pylons are within easy reach of our UAV’s.

bridge inspection

Within minutes of arriving on site, we will be in the air, taking footage. A common issue with bridge inspections is wind speed, but our state of the art stabilising technology allows us to hoover at wind speeds of up to 20 knots, ensuring we don’t compromise the data we provide to our clients. With your personnel able to see live footage during the flight, any areas of concern can be quickly re-visited by our pilots, to ensure full analysis.

Our thermal imaging, HD video cameras and DSLR’s ensure our inspections provide valuable footage. With highly accurate GPS and altitude monitoring, we can accurately pinpoint the exact location of any damage, ensuring maintenance and repairs can be conducted efficiently.

As well as routine scheduled bridge inspections, we can also provide adhoc inspections following suspected damage activity, such as storms and fires.

We only use certified and trained pilots at SkyMedia Productions, and are fully compliant with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

We are also licenced to inspect chimney stacks, industrial buildings and other civil infrastructure, please contact us to see how we can help.