Aircraft Aerial Photography

Whilst our fleet of UAV’s is perfect for altitudes below 400ft, there are situations where our clients need a greater altitude, often to cover a larger area.

When we can’t get the shot required from a UAV/ Drone, we can use a fixed wing aircraft. The aircraft operates above 1000ft so we can obtain images that cover a wider area – great for panoramic shots of your location. We’re the only licensed UAV operator on the Central Coast able to offer both UAV’s and fixed wing aircraft, allowing us to offer a perfect solution to meet our clients needs.

Using a fixed wing aircraft we can obtain both high resolution photography, HD video, either standalone, or professionally edited in with our UAV footage. The fixed wing aircraft can also allow us to access difficult to reach areas quickly, perfect for covering breaking news stories for our media clients, as they happen.

If your looking for an edge against your competitors a tailor made UAV/ fixed wing package will provide it. Our licensed, qualified, professional team will work with you to create a package tha’s right for you.

We operate the aircraft over Sydney/ Central Coast/ Newcastle/ Hunter Valley and other areas in NSW and beyond, by request.

Give us a call or send us a message on our contacts page and we can help assist you in what best suits your needs.