Our Services

Here at SkyMedia, we offer a wide range of services across NSW and Australia, to cater for all of our clients needs.

Click on the icons below to find out more about our aerial drone services, ground capabilities and post production services.

  • Aerial Filming

    We’re a full service aerial production company located in Sydney NSW, and covering Australian and Global clients.

    We fly the latest state of the art drones, including heavy-lift drones, allowing us to carry cameras & payloads others can’t.

  • Vdeo & Post Production

    Whether you already have a concept or you want to collaborate on the creative direction for your project, our experienced team can help prepare your concept for a successful production.

  • Drone Training School

    To operate a drone commercially (for financial reward) in Australia you are required to hold a RePL licence and operate under a ReOC. No prior education qualifications or flying experience is needed to enroll into our UAV Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) training courses.

Commercial Applications

  • Real Estate

    With increased competition in Real Estate, our UAV/ drone videos and aerial photography will give your clients property the edge. Our beautifully produced videos will show sweeping panoramic views and how they relate to your property.

  • Property Developers

    For property developers wishing to show prospective clients a property before, during and after development, we can offer this from a unique perspective. With the ability to replicate earlier flights, we can ensure a seamless transition video, moving from pre-development images on a vacant block, through to a building site, through to your award winning, completed development.

  • Emergency Response

    Using UAV/Drones for Aerial surveillance and reconnaissance is a great way for SES and other emergency services to have ‘eyes on’ the things from the air during emergency situations such as bush fires and floods

  • Aircraft Aerial Photography

    When we can’t get the shot required from a UAV/ Drone, we can use a fixed wing aircraft. The aircraft operates above 1000ft so we can obtain images that cover a wider area – great for panoramic shots of your location.

  • Events

    Whether you’re organising a large sporting event, a car show, a corporate event, an exhibition or a show – aerial video and photography will give your event a whole new perspective. We can offer a live high definition video stream, that can be broadcast on a big screen, perfect for sporting events.

  • Tourism Marketing

    Our state of the art UAV’s/ drones enable us to shot from locations and angles, not previously possible. Our professionally edited aerial video will give your tourism promotion the edge over the competition.

    Whether you’re promoting an iconic building or landscape, a region, a hotel, gold course, or resort, a fun day or tourist attraction, even a run or marathon, contact us to find out how we can delight you.

Civil Infrastructure Services

  • Power Line Inspection

    We are fully licensed to work with Energy companies on inspection of overhead power lines, transmission towers, switching stations and transformers – as well as the safety corridors beneath the power lines.

  • Bridge Inspection

    Inspection of civil infrastructure, such as bridges, chimneys and industrial buildings is a specialty of SkyMedia using our fleet of UAV’s

  • Wind Turbines

    With solar farms and wind turbines among our Green Energy clients, we offer full UAV (unmanned aircraft vehicle – or drone) inspection and surveillance.

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