RPAS UAV Drone Training

With a high demand for commercial UAV operators in this newly emerging field. SkyMedia saw a need for experienced training in the UAV.

To operate a drone commercially (for financial reward) in Australia you are required to hold a RePL licence and operate under a ReOC. No prior education qualifications or flying experience is needed to enroll into our UAV Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) training courses.SMP UAV RePL Training

We can also help you with your ReOC application to CASA. ReOC is a certificate every UAV business entity must have. It is issued to the company, not individuals. To be able to start a UAV business or company, you must have a ReOC (RPA Operator Certificate). issued by CASA. We can help make the process a straightforward and easy one.

As commercial operators ourselves in the field we can help show you all the tricks and tips to be successful in this emerging industry

To find out more about obtaining a RePL or ReOC please head over to our training school website to find out more information.