Property Developers

Our drones/ unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) are proving incredibly popular in commercial real estate and commercial property development.

For property developers wishing to show prospective clients a property before, during and after development, we can offer this from a unique perspective. With the ability to replicate earlier flights, we can ensure a seamless transition video, moving from pre-development images on a vacant block, through to a building site, through to your award winning, completed development. Property developers often like to monitor construction progress on a regular basis. With GPS and a programmed flight plan we can return and capture the same images weeks or months apart.

We can show your prospective clients what the view will look like from the top floor – before your development has even entered the construction phase.

When selling real estate units off a plan, we allow the commercial property developer to clearly show the view and surroundings of each individual unit, to sell the lifestyle to the future homeowner.

Prior to planning, our aerial photography and high definition video can help you get to the planning stage, clearly representing your block and development plans. Your architect will find the footage invaluable in planning and completion of the project.  We can also assist with modelling and surveying to help you progress your plans further. Risk management and inspection of building defects on your building site will also benefit greatly from our high resolution footage.

As well as new builds, we’re also able to assist property developers with demolitions, redevelopments, surveys, environmental & visual impact studies and insurance assessments.

Whether you need aerial photos, raw video footage, or a broadcast ready, finished production, our experienced team are ready to help.

With access to a fixed wing aircraft in addition to our UAV’s/ drones, we can meet all your aerial photography and video needs – no matter how big or small your development.

Our head office is in the Central Coast, New South Wales, covering Sydney, Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and nationally by arrangement. Contact us to find out how we can help you with your commercial property development.