We’re a full service aerial production company located in Sydney NSW, and covering Australian and Global clients.

We fly the latest drones, including heavy-lift drones, allowing us to carry cameras & payloads others can’t. We take pride in selecting the cameras, lenses, stabalisation systems and filming techniques to achieve perfect results for each client.

We provide ultra smooth, rock steady footage, whether we’re hovering, tracking, or orbiting, thanks to our gyro-stabilised cameras with full 360° 3-axis rotation capabilities.

A live HD downlink ensures the pilot, cameraman, client or director can have full control of framing and filming angles throughout the shoot.

Our pilots are all highly experienced with over 20 years of flying experience and full CASA RePL licences. At the camera controls, we only use skilled experienced cameramen, with decades of experience in the TV and film industries.

We work on everything from feature films, indies, shorts, music videos to commercials.